Full Price 1 person 2-3P 4-5P 6-8P 9P and plus
Side Row RMB 180 RMB 150 RMB 140 RMB 130 RMB 120 RMB 110
Mid Row 15-23 RMB 280 RMB 220 RMB 210 RMB 200 RMB 190 RMB 180
Mid Row 1-4 RMB 280 RMB 220 RMB 210 RMB 200 RMB 190 RMB 180
Mid Row 12-14 RMB 380 RMB 310 RMB 300 RMB 270 RMB 260 RMB 250
Mid Row 10-11 RMB 480 RMB 390 RMB 370 RMB 340 RMB 330 RMB 320
Mid Row 5-7 RMB 680 RMB 590 RMB 570 RMB 540 RMB 520 RMB 500
Mid Row 8-9 RMB 880 RMB 790 RMB 740 RMB 690 RMB 650 RMB 600


15 Responses to “Reservation”

  1. Darren Says:

    Thank You for you response. Which seats are the best ones to watch your show and how much will 5 tickets cost for those seats.
    Can I reserve seats for Dec 31 right now.
    What time does the show start and how long does it last.

  2. admin Says:

    Dear Sir,
    There is no problem reserve the tickets for you now.
    The best rows are row 8-9,it costs RMB780 per person at the original price,after discount it is RMB680.
    But I suggest the row 12-14,it very good seats already,it costs RMB260 after discount,the original price is 380.
    The show start at 5:15pm to 6:20pm and 7:15pm to 8:20pm.


  3. Loretta Says:

    Hi I am staying at the Novotel Xinqiao Hotel I would like two tickets for the acrobatics show today or
    Tomorrow night. Which would be better? So the discounted price would be 290 yen per person? How
    Would we get the tickets from you? How far away is the theater from our hotel? Thank you for your

  4. admin Says:

    Hi Sir,thanks for your message.There is no problem for tonight.
    So you want the tickets at the ROW12-14,right?
    The original price is CNY380 but after discount,the price is at CNY290 per person.
    What time show your want?early one or later?the early one start at 17:15 and later one start at :19:15.
    The theater is about 30 minutes from your hotel by cab.
    I will wait for you at the theather.

  5. Nanette Says:

    Hi, I didn’t quite understand the promotion about early bird tickets at only RMB60, is it applicable if we purchase 4 tickets? Which seats would that be? We will be in Beijing around Feb or early March. Also, will we be albe to choose specific seats/row that we prefer or it’s on a ‘first come, first served’ basis?

  6. admin Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am sorry reply you later.
    If you can book the tickets now,we still have the early bird tickets.
    We can reserve the tickets for you.which is side rows,’first come,it is first served.


  7. Nanette Says:

    Hi Kevin, if we decide to get the 480 ticket, can we choose the row and seats that we want?

  8. admin Says:

    Hi Nanette,
    It is doesn`t have big different for the tickets at CNY480 for all the seats.
    You can choose your tickets.
    How many tickets you want?
    By the way,what is your email address?
    Our email address is


  9. David Says:

    I would like to buy 2 tickets for the last week in March, 2012.
    - Mid row from row 15 to 23 (Preferably row 15)
    - Time 17:15 – 18:20
    Is it possible and how I pay you by cash when I’m not in Beijing yet?
    What is the difference in view between early bird ticket 60Y (side row) and row 15 – 23 – 120Y?
    Thank you.

  10. claudia Says:

    How can I make a reservation for Sunday, March 11 for 2 people ?
    We would like the last show.

  11. admin Says:

    Hi Claudia,There is no problem reserve the tickets for you on Sunday,March 11.
    Which row you want?


  12. admin Says:

    Hi David,
    You can pay me when you are here at the theater.
    If you want to see the 17:15 show,I will wait for you there at 16:30 and you can pay me when you have the tickets.
    The early bird tickets are side row,you may miss something by the side row.

  13. Dawn Margolin Says:

    We would like 2 discount tickets in row 12-14 for Saturday April 14 or Sunday April 15.
    Please let us know the availability for the 19:15 show.
    Thank you!
    Dawn and Sanford Margolin

  14. Steve Says:

    Very good service,glad to know it

  15. admin Says:

    Hi Dawn and Sanford,
    Thanks for your message.
    There is no problem reserve the tickets for you.
    I will wait for you at the theater at 6:30pm once you decide which day go to see the show.


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